Picture Courtesy Of "The HO MODEL RAILROADING Handbook"


Basic Model Railroading Tools consist of the following:

Diagonal cutters are designed to cut wire by virtually squeezing through it to produce a "cut" that has a 45-degree bevel on both sides.

The flush-cut diagonal cutters have angled cutting surfaces on their jaws, so that the angle is on just one side of the cut; one side produces a perfectly "flush" or vertical cut. Do not attempt to use them for cutting track rails. This will dull the cutting surfaces.

The X-Acto #1 hobby-knife handleand the # 11 blades can be used to cut these structure parts from their sprues.

The paper clip's purpose is to serve as a guage for adjusting the height of couplers on rolling stock or locomotives"

The X-Acto #5 hobby-knife handle and the #235 razor-saw blade are the tools used for customing fitting snap-together track on some layouts.


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