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This is Ashley and Dredge and they belong to Steven  and Patti Dreyer



This is Brucie and he belongs to Charlene & Ron Hirtle from Liverpool, Nova Scotia.



This is "Lurch" and "Baby Oscar" and they belong to Jerald Honaker.



These are Mya, Nico & Scarface and they belong to Chris & Brad Doane



This is "Oscar" and she belongs to Kelly Beech of Courtenay, B.C.



This Oscar belongs to Carly Pilling.


These Oscars belong to Andy & Gretchen Shaffner.



This is Thomas, who belongs to the Attanasio's in High Bridge, NJ.



These Oscars belong to Ellie Giberson



These two Oscars belong to Tina Consoli, who rescued them from Walmart



This is Kujo, and he belongs to Lise Goss.




This is Mr. Finley and he belongs to Rebekah.



This is Ozzy and he belongs to Felicia McCormick




I want to thank all of the people who have sent in their Oscar pics.  This page has really grown.
Keep sending them in, I really enjoy putting them on.


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