Train derails
frequently at one particular place.
  1. Offset rails at joiners.

  2. Excess plastic "flash" or wisps from ties on inside edges of rails.
  3. Plaster, glue or some foreign objectstuck to track.
  4. Ends of rails burred or rough.
  1. Align rails and rail joiners with steel ruler and needlenose pliers.
  2. Trim "flash" with a hobby knife.
  3. Remove it .

  4. Smooth the tops and inside edges of the rails with #400 sandpaper.
Train derails at switch.
  1. Switch points not throwing far
    enough to make firm contact with
    "through" rails.

  2. Switch twisted or bent, so all rails do
    not align in both "main" and "siding"
    switch positions.
  3. Coupler pins hitting switch rails or
  4. Any of four problem areas for "regular"track.
  1. Remove any foreign matter from area around points and check the action of switch lever inside the switch machine.
  2. Bend the switch into perfect alignment.

  3. Cut pins to proper length

  4. Correct, as outlined above.
Train derails
  1. Running too fast.
  1. Run it slower.
Switches do not
  1. Switch buttons on remote control unit wired incorrectly.

  2. Button on switch control not depressed when it's moved into position.

  3. "AC" portion of power pack not functioning.

  4. Switch control is faulty or contacts inside are dirty.

  5. Mechanical portion of the switch and switch points may be bent or clogged.
  6. Hair-size wire inside remote-control switch machine broken.
  1. Be sure wires are connected exactly as shown on the switch package to the AC terminal on the power pack.
  2. Simple operator error. Remember to both slide and push the button to actuate remote control switches.
  3. Touch the wires from a street light to just the "AC" terminals of the power pack. If light doesn't glow, have your dealer check the power pack.
  4. Touch the street-light wires to screws #1 and #2 (the center screws) while you move the switch lever to the left and right and press it down. The light should glow. Touch the street-light wires to screws 2 and 3 while you slide the lever to the right and push it down. Street light should glow. If the light does not glow with the button to the right, or left and depressed replace the switch controller.
  5. Remove any debris from points and from switch machine and align parts.
  6. Have wires soldiered at an electronics store.



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