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The benchwork for your model railroad is in the same category as the framework as your house,and its made of the same materials. The benchwork will eventually be hidden by the scenery on the top side and masonite or plywood on the side that only the legs will show. Many modelers even hide the benchworks legs and the other under-the -table debris.If you do use sides then make them in a way that it don't take away the attention from the top. A nice green , blue or brown ,which will seem to disappear,is the shade to select. Use only the best grades of 1 x 3 fir or pine with no knots for your benchwork. You don't want warped wood and other track-distorting problems. Use 2 x 4 for the legs. ......From John


When laying out your bench the best way is to get a rough idea of what you want out of your layout first.Then when that is done lay out the top board on the floor and set buildings track and other ideas in place and mark it. Then you can find out by doing this how your frame has to be made. For example if you have a river you will know where to drop the table to put the river in place.Or if there is a mountain you know how to build it and so on and so forth.What your layout looks like in your mind is what the Benchwork should be like to take on your idea. Always plan ahead....... From Gene


The more complicated your layout becomes, the more need for switches and controls. If you design a control panel from the beginning and make it large enough to accomodate all if the possible controls, then there would be no need for expansion in the future.The frame should be built from 1X2 lumber with a -inch plywood face. You have to drill hole for the wires and screws that connect the controls to the face of the panel. You can paint the face flat black. You can put a schematic of your layout on the control panel to designate all of the switches and other operating material.......From "Oscette"



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