DEP Remediated Sites





This was a massive hole running parallel to Humboldt Industrial Park on the north side.




This site is behind Calello's in Drifton.  Note: Erosion control channel in right picture.




The former Sugarloaf Landfill (Slusser's), along the Tomhicken Road.




Once this deep water-filled pit, it is now a wild life sanctuary.



This site is across from the entrance to the ball park and runs behind the Drifton Estates.




In this dangerous water-filled pit Derrick Hittinger, 8 year's old fell to his death on Sept. 5, 1992.  It has been remediated by DEP.

Water-filled pit courtesy of the DEP Web site.




Another section of Upper Lehigh remediated by DEP.




This is the Old Quarry along 924 across from Harwood.  It is currently being remediated by DEP.




Two sites  located between Sheppton and Oneida.



Third Site Between Sheppton  and Oneida.




This site is on the Tomhicken Road just before Fern Glen.





Although they have worked on these sites, there are many, many more to do.



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