Assorted Landfill & Dredge Pictures


Some up to date pictures.


J P Donmoyer leaving the landfill Vision on it's way to the lanfill


FGD trucks crossing the landfill More trucks


They finally built the pug mill which should have been done for the 085.


They've fenced off the 309 side. With a NO TRESPASSING sign.


Here's a picture of their new rail spur. So they can bring more cars in.


Here is some of the things that are contained in their CLEAN fill.


Our good friends at Norfolk & Southern have been providing transportation for the Dredge!

Empty Dredge cars on new siding (Note: full dredge cars on other siding in background waiting to come in.) Shovel removing Dredge from cars.


New Rail spur beening added to the property to bring in the dredge.


Getting Prepared to dynamite. Results of dynomiting.


Pictures taken between 6/13/07 and 7/13/07.

Some Pictures of the Dredge And whatever is growing on it



Wheel Washer on the 309 side Scale on the 309 side


Pictures taken on June 30, 2006, when all of the participants of this issue were on the site.

They consisted of members of CAUSE an their attorney, members of SUFFER and their attorney, the attorney of Hazleton Creek Properties LLC, the attorney for The Hazleton Redevelopment, Geologist Robert Gadinski, Dr. Christopher Duffy and Associate, Penn State, members of DEP and their attorney, and Environmental Hearing Board Judge LeBuskes.


Participants at former capacitor site Measuring a well in the sewer land
Measuring a new well. Trying to open a well.
Viewing the sewer ponds from the railroad tracks. Another well being measured.




Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA

Pictures courtesy of


This was the trash pile in the beginning, about July of 2005.

Hundreds of yards of trash.
Grass on this hill no longer exists as of 7/23/05.  It's pushed down over garbage.
Trees between this fresh dirt and trash no longer exists.  They have all been pushed down over garbage. 7/23/05


This is what the same area looked like on July 23, 2005 after the DEP started covering everything up.

Tree were boreholes are.  Were surrounded by trash.
They are pushing this fill down to the level where the boreholes are.
No one can imagine how much dirt is here. It is vast.



These are the capacitors as they still remained on the Landfill on 11/18/05

They're Gone!  But Where?  To Onyx?

Why hasn't the toxic soil been removed to date - 1/27/08?



Here are some of the various shot we've taken over the course of about 20 months.

This is a PP&L Insulator
This sunken field was level years ago.  Said to contain 1,500 barrels of Methyl Ethyl Ketone. Part of sunken field now contains water.
Sewer Pond on the property behind the Sewer Authority's pumping station on Beech St. Sinkhole on east side of property. DEP even marked it off for us, so we don't fall in. Pole line in the pit with high wall in background.
Old dump road in from route 309. Wire actually coming up out of the ground. This Red soil has been contaminated with some chenical.



This is some of the so-called reclamation that is currently going on.

Surveying Road Building
Pushing In Dirt - Filling In Holes Pushing Down Banks

They are covering everything in sight, rocks, trees and anything you can think of.



Here are some shoots of the famous barrels that don't exist anymore.  I must have hallucinated this.

I managed to get some better pics of the barrels now that the leaves are down.

And that's just in one location!  The EPA estimates that approximately half the barrels are in tact.  They estimate the landfill will be leaching at the rate of 8gpm/per acre over 19 acres.  That's a total of 80 million gallons per year into the Jeddo Tunnel System.


I thought you would like to see a picture of a huge turtle found dead at the reclamation site in what they call "The Dead Zone", because nothing is alive there.  Neither is this turtle!  (Picture courtesy of Richard Funk's column  in the Lehighton Times News)


Just thought I would throw in this nice picture of the Dredge McFarland,
this is the puppy who's going to dig your dirt for you.


Mother Nature was restoring the Hazleton City Landfill with all the trees and shrubs that were growing there.  (Vegetation draws the toxins out of the ground through it's roots and expires it through it's leaves.)

Animals were calling the Landfill their home.

Ducks Wild Turkey Snakes

Now this land has become nothing more than a large mud hole covered in portions with river dredge.  Nothing left to pull the toxins from the earth and more toxins added to it, because politicians and businessmen decide that this is progress.  We have to beautify the area.  I hope in the future we all remember what is said, because no amount of beauty or soil, or dredge is going to stop places like the Crystal Ridge Landfill from sinking from the decaying barrels and wooden skids that are buried underneath it.  No amount of dredge or soil is going to stop the mines and shafts underneath the property from fracturing and failing and sinking.  In fact all of the additional weight upon them may do the trick.  I hope no future relative of mine is on that property when this happens and it will happen.


Following that, this  site needs some levity, so here's ours.



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