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9-11-2001 - 9-11-2021

20 years later and is seems like yesterday.


When I first started this page the day after the fateful attacks, I meant it to be a memorial page.  However I started doing some research on the internet about that day and came up with some very interesting pages concerning the Truth about 911.  I'm going to present links to these pages and let you think for yourself.  I know when you view them and hear the stories, you are going to think, how could this be, but it could be.



9 out of 19 hijackers still alive.

1. Abdul Aziz Al-Omari is in Saudi Arabia.

2. Saeed Al-Ghami works for Tunis Air.

3. Waleed Al-Sherhri works for Royal Air Moroc.

4. Ahmed Al-Nami lives in Del Ray Florida.

5. Salem Al-Harmi works for a petrochemical complex in Yanbou.

6. Khalid Al-Mihdhar is still alive.

7. Ameer Bukhari died in a 2002 small plane crash.

8. Adnar Bukhari is still in Florida,

9. Amer Kamfar is a pilot in Arabia.

They were shocked to hear they were the ones who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and supposed to be dead.

 After proving their credentials, were found innocent.


Lets begin with pre-911.  Why was FEMA in New York City the night before the attacks? Tom Kennedy from the Urban Search & Rescue a division of FEMA, told Dan Rather they arrived in New York the evening before the attacks and were "deployed" the next day.  How did they know?

Donald Rumsfeld appeared the day before the attacks and stated the Pentagon had 2.3 trillion dollars in transactions that couldn't be explained.  Isn't it funny that the part of the Pentagon that was hit was where the accountants and financial records were kept.

The day before the attacks the Stock Market reported that "puts" were placed on 450,000 American Airlines stocks, which would have netted $5,000,000 if the stock went down, another 150,000 shares of United Airlines, netting over $2,400,000 if that stock went down , and others placed on Morgan Stanley and Marsh McLennan, who had offices on multiple floors in the WTC.  (A "put" is an option placed on a stock when the stock is believed to go down.) Naturally all stocks went down quite considerably after 911.



On this 20th anniversary of 911, I've decided to add more information and pictures to the sight of the people who passed on that day.

After seventeen years I thought people would like to remember the World Trade Center as it was before September 11, 2001.  Here are some photos I collected from the net.


Let's talk about the WTC. The destruction of the WTC buildings solved an asbestos problem.  They were built between 1968 and 1972.  A slurry mix of asbestos and cement was sprayed as a fire retardant.  In 1971, right before the Towers were completed the city of New York banned the use of asbestos, but some 201,183 pounds of asbestos was already used.  The city of New York was calling for the removal of the asbestos, which was an impossible task.
On July 24, 2001 private investors Silverstein Properties purchased the Towers from the New York Port Authority, under a 99 year lease, at the cost of $8,000,000,000.  Explicitly included in the lease was an agreement that Silverstein was given the "RIGHT TO REBUILD THE STRUCTURES IF THEY WERE EVER DESTROYED.  Also the lease had an important "escape clause".   IF THE BUILDINGS WERE STRUCK BY AN ACT OF TERRORISM, THE NEW OWNER'S OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE LEASE WERE VOID.

Several witnesses, including firemen had heard explosions before the Towers came down.  What has been suggested by many, the use of "controlled demolition" was used to bring the Towers down.  How is this possible? The South Tower underwent a "power down" between floors 48-110 the weekend before the attacks. Bomb-sniffing dogs were removed, security cameras were off, and electronic locks on doors were inoperative, giving teams of "engineers" free access throughout the floors.  It is also interesting to note, Marvin Bush, younger brother of President Bush was on the Board of Directors with Securacom who provided security to the WTC.
What about the planes that hit the Towers?  It's interesting to see video of the first plane, United 11 just as it was about to hit.  There is a strange flash just before the nose of the plane makes contact with the building.  Then there is AA 175 just as it approaches the second Tower.  Underneath it's fuselage is a long projectile.  Not common with a passenger jet, but of a military jet.  And again, an explosion just as the plane is about to touch the building.
What brought the Towers down?  If the supports under the floors had dropped off because of heat and the floors pan caked down, where are the floors and why isn't the steel center still standing?  The fires created by the planes were not hot enough to melt steel, which has a melting temperature of approximately 2750 degrees.  Yet in one film it is clear that molten steel is pouring down the side of the building and steel that was twisted like a pretzel.   Is this common with a Thermite cutting incendiary, used in controlled demolition, which can cut steel like a hot knife?  All the characteristics are there.





Faces of 911 from the WTC 

From My Hometown - Hazleton, PA
Efrain Franco Romero


Mathew Barnes - NYFD Coleman Tarel - NYFD Peter Biefiled - NYFD Jeffrey Pilazzo - NYFD Walter McNeil - NYFD


Joseph Agnello - NYFD Gerald Jean Baptiste NYFD Brian Ahearn - NYFD Thomas E. Sabella -NYFD Robert F. Wallace-NYFD



John Levy - New York Port Authority Niurka Davila - New York Port Authority David Ortiz - New York Port Authority Steven Fiorelli - New York Port Authority Joseph Amatuccio - New York Port Authority


Edward Calderon
Port Authority
Arlene T. Babakitis
Port Authority
Joseph Navas
Port Authority
Peter Negron
Port Authority
Eugene Raggio
Port Authority



Elvin Santiago Romero - Cantor Fitzgerald Jill Metzler - Aon Corp. Sadie Ette - Windows on the World Amy Troyen - Thomson Financial Joshua Rosenthal - Fiducairy Trust


Brenden Dolan - Carr Futures Sarah Khan - Forte Food Services Sarah Ortiz - Elevator Operator - ABM Industries Mario Nardone Jr. - Euro Brokers Inc. James Cartier - Electrician Apprentice - PE Electric Stone


Lawrence Abel
Cantor Fitzgerald
Shannon Lewis Adams Cantor Fitzgerald Sophia B Addo
Windows on the World
Mohul Acarwala
Fidicary  Trust
Michael Andrew Bane



Can They Replace This With This?

I Don't Think So!

This picture will always be in my mind and in my heart, I'm sorry no Freedom Tower will ever replace it. They belong there, they need to be put back there, only stronger.  To this very minute I still can't watch an old movie or anything containing this view, it brings tears to my eyes.



The Pentagon


Lets talk about the Pentagon.  It's interesting to note that the hole in the side of the Pentagon was only 16 feet wide before the collapse, no where large enough for a passenger airplane to create.  There was no grass in front of the Pentagon ripped up, nor did it have any fuel or burns requiring a Haz-Mat  team to clean up, no support poles taken down as claimed that 50 support poles were taken down and the tail section of the plane which stands 40 feet did no destruction to the upper floors of the building.  On pictures shown nationally, one can see open books on top of filing cabinets in the section remaining in tact, windows were intact, and spools of wire outside of the wall were still intact.  A part of an engine as viewed by an official of Rolls Royce can not be identified as a part of a Rolls Royce engine that would have been attached to the plane.  No security cameras located on the Pentagon shows any pictures of an airplane hitting the building.  They do reveal something white traveling across the ground at low level.  Eyewitnesses said the sound was like that of a missile.  Hani Honjour was supposed to be at the controls of Flight 77, but he couldn't fly, he never completed the course at a Scottsdale Arizona Flight school. Virginia Department of Transportation cameras on route 27 would have full view of the plane coming in - never released.  A gas station owner across from the Pentagon had security cameras capable of viewing the plane on approach, those films were confiscated by the FBI immediately.

Think about it!


Faces of the Pentagon

Terrance Lynch - Booz, Allas & Hamilton Maj. Dwayne Williams - US Army Lt. Col. Dennis M. Johnson - US Army Michael L Selves - US Army Capt. Gerald Francis Deconto - US Navy


Sgt. Tamara C. Thurman - US Army Brian Anthony Moss - US Navy Christopher Lee Burford - US Navy Lisa L. Young - Civilian Employee - US Army Patricia J. Stratz - Civilian Employee - US Army

Spc. Craig Amundson - US Army Sharon Carver - Civilian Employee - US Army Jamie Lynn Fallon - Storekeeper 3rd Class - US NAVY Lt. Col. David M. Scales - US Army Marvin R. Woods - Civilian Communications Manager - US Navy


Melissa Rose Barnes
US Navy
Rosa Maria Chapa
Civilian Worker
Charles Sabin
Civilian Worker




Site Where Plane Came Down In Shanksville, PA (My Home State)

Lets talk about Shanksville, PA.  Massive hole in the ground - no wreckage. Cleveland Ohio mayor reports flight 93 landed at Cleveland Hopkins airport, supposedly with a bomb onboard.  United identified the plane as Flight 93.  Why did so many eyewitnesses report seeing another white plane in the air around the time the plane went down? Donald Rumsfeld stated the plane was shot down.  What happened to the plane parts?  Why was there debris spread for 8 miles?  What did happen?




You are listening to Enya - "Only Time"


Faces on the planes.

Flight 11

Jason Dahl Capt .Flight 11 John Ogonowski Capt. Flight 11 Thomas McGuinness -  First Officer 11 Jeffrey Collman -  Flight Attendant 11 Karen Martin -  Flight Attendant 11

Kathleen Nicosia - Flight Attendant 11  Betty Ong - Flight Attendant 11 Madeline Sweeney - Flight Attendant 11  Jean Rodger -  Flight Attendant 11  Sara Low - Flight Attendant 11 


Carolyn Beug - Filmmaker & Video Producer Kelly Ann Boons - PricewaterhouseCoopers Patrick Currivan - Vice President AtosEuronext Charles E. Jones - BAE Systems Digital Strategy for Europe, Monitor Group


Jessica Lehigh Sachs PriceWaterHouseCooper Pandyala Vamsikieshna  DTI Robert Jay Hayes 
Thomas Nicholas Pecorelli Fox Sports & E Entertainment Douglas J. Stone
Odyssey Press


Flight 77

Charles Burlingame - Capt. Flight 77 Wilson Flagg - Pilot - Flight 77 Michelle Heindenberger - Flight Attendant 77  Suzanne Cullery - Flight 77  Renee May - Flight Attendant 77 

Yugang Zhang - Retired Chemist - China - Flight 77  Shuyin Yang - Retired Pedatrician - China - Flight 77  George W. Simmons - Retired Xerox - Flight 77  Dianne Simmons - Retired Xerox -  Flight 77 Robert Penninger - BAE - Flight 77 


William E. Caswell Barbara K. Olson 
TV Commentator, Author & Lawyer 


Flight 93

Wanda Green - Flight Attendant 93  Thomas Burnett Jr. Flight 93  Todd Beamer Flight 93  CeeCee Lyles - Flight Attendant 93  LeRoy Wilton Homes Jr. - First Officer - Flight 93 

Christine Ann Snyder - Arborist - Flight 93  Christian Adams - Germany - Flight 93       


Flight 175

Michael Horracks - First Officer - Flight 175  Amy Jarret - Flight Attendant - Flight 175  Jesus Sanchez - Off Duty Flight Attendant - Flight 175  Michael Tarrou - Flight Attendant - Flight 175  Alicia Titus - Flight Attendant 175 


William Weens - Commercial Producer - Flight 175  Brain D. Sweeney - Brandes Assoc. - Flight 175  Ronald Gamboa - Store Manager The Gap - Flight 175 Garnet Bailey - Scouting Director - LA Kings - Flight 175   

If these planes did not crash into any buildings - where are all of the passengers?

I watched a very interesting documentary today 1/10/2015, called America's Book of Secrets.  This edition was on all of the underground bunkers and secret prisons that are located in the US.  It got me to thinking, if these passengers were not on the planes, is it possible they are being held prisoner in some underground establishment, to  die there.  If so I do hope that some day one or some of them will be able to escape like in the movie "Capricorn One" and the truth will be revealed.


This evening 1/27/2017 I watched a very interesting explanation of where the people went, for the most part. It seems the Flight 11 & Flight 175 were combined into Delta Flight 1989 and Flight 93 & Flight 77 were combined into Flight X and both landed at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport in Cleveland Ohio.  Both with a reported bomb threat on board.  The planes were replaced with Military Drones. The planes were held on opposite ends of runways and the airport was evacuated.  After intense inspection of both planes, passengers were taken into seperate interrogation stations.  Passengers from Delta 1989 were taken to the FAA Headquarters and passengers from Flight X to the evacuated NASA Center.  What became of them after is anyone's guess. Read the detailed story by Phil Jayhan at

American Patriot Friends Network -

911 Truth -

Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth -

Pilots for 911 Truth -

Firefighters for 911 Truth & Unity -


The entire list of 911 faces can be viewed at CNN-September 11 Memorial.


These are just a few of the links used in doing this page.  I will add more as they come.


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