This is my collection of mines, equipment and outfalls in the northeast Pennsylvania region.


The Anthracite King

This Bucyrus Erie 1250B dragline is located in Stockton, PA



Old Mine Fan House sinking in the ground.



Stockton #7 Deep Mine

Located in Stockton PA this hole is one of the deepest in the area




Old Portals & Mine Buildings - Oakdale, PA



Jeddo # 5

These silt banks supply fuel to Northampton Generation in Northampton, PA



Abandoned Shovels

This shovels are left abandoned in Jeddo and Eckley PA

These are the remains of the shovel on the right side.


Here is a core machine and an excavator working at Coal Contractors in Hazlebrook.



Collapsed Buck Mountain #1 Tunnel

Dewaters the Buck Mountain #1 Basin



Buck Mountain #2 Drainage Tunnel

Dewaters the Buck Mountain #2 Basin



Abandoned Mine Shaft

Located in the flats entering Beaver Meadows PA along state route 93 in a fenced in area.  Could possibly be entrance to the Quakake Tunnel.



Collapsed Quakake Tunnel & Remediation
near Weatherly, PA

Drains the mine workings of Beaver Meadows, Colraine and portions of the Spring Mt. deep mine workings.



Abandoned Dragline Buckets on the property that once was the Old Brick Plant.





Old Mine Portals and Buildings - Harwood, PA



Mine Portal On Reclamation Site



Jeddo Tunnel

Located in the village of Fritzingertown, PA the tunnel drains four major coal basins, the Big Black Creek, the Little Black Creek, the Cross Creek and the Hazleton.



Nescopeck Creek

Impacted with acid mine drainage from the Jeddo Tunnel



Oneida #1 Outfall

Drains the North Green Mountain Basin and outfalls to the Sugarloaf Creek in the center of Eagle Rock residential community.



Derringer Tunnel

Located in Fern Glen PA , drains the West Black Creek Basin.



Remnants of the Gowen Mine  - Fern Glen, PA



Catawissa Mine Tunnel

Located on property south of Humboldt Industrial Park , it dewaters the south Green Mountain Coal Basin.



Green Mountain Mine Tunnel

Located on the same property as the Catawissa Tunnel, it also dewaters the south Green Mountain Coal Basin.



Audenreid Tunnel before and after landslide in 2006

It drains the western workings of the Jeansville Basin



Honey Pot Outfall

Located in the Honey Pot section of Nanticoke outfall runs into the Newport Creek.



Lee Park restoration of Solomon's Creek.



Butler Mine Tunnel running into the Susquehanna River.




Northeastern Power Co south of McAdoo on Route 309



Silverbrook Outfall

Drains the mine workings from the Silverbrook Basin to the Little Schuylkill River



AMD seep along Route 309 below NEPCO power plant.



Panther Creek Partners

Located west of Nesquehoning PA along route 54, supplies fly ash to A/C Fuels in McAdoo PA



Nesquehoning Creek

Impacted with heavy metals from Tonolli Corp.



Lausanne Tunnel

Dewaters portions of the Southern Coal Fields and discharges to the Nesquehoning Creek 200 yards before the confluence with the Lehigh River north of Jim Thorpe, PA



LC&N's Springdale Pit and Job 99

Located along route 209 between Tamaqua PA and the village of Seek PA



Hell's Kitchen

Located along route 209 south of Nesquehoning PA operated as a refuse site and mining operation.




Newkirk Mine Tunnel and old Mining Structure

Driven into the Sharp Mountain west of Tamaqua, PA, it discharges to the Little Schuylkill River.



Salem Hill Mine Tunnel

Located further west of the Newkirk Mine Tunnel almost in Pottsville, it also discharges to the Little Schuylkill River.



Wadesville Pit

Located west of St. Clair is this tremendously large open pit.
Rich and Company  removed streets, houses and the local fire company to dig this pit.



New St. Nicholas Breaker

Located just a few miles from the Wadesville Pit is this John Rich breaker that was the scene of a tragic electrocution in 2008.



Schuylkill Energy Resources (SER) - Kinckerbocker Demonstration Project

Located south of Shenandoah PA in the village of Yatesville PA SER utilizes the wet to dry method of fly ash placement



St. Nicholas Breaker

Soon to be gone, but not forgotten.  St. Nick is being torn down.


Huber Colliery

Gone but not forgotten.  Huber has been torn down.



Gilberton Power



Located between Mahoney City and Gilberton PA silt is mined to burn in the generation plant.



Mahoney Creek

Near Gilberton, this Creek drains AMD from several outfalls along it's path.



Big Mine Run Geyser

Melting snow in the mountains and drainage from the old Bast Colliery cause the eruption every year.  Usually smaller in the summer.



Centralia Outfall

Drains the Centralia Mine Workings to the Mahoney Creek along Route 54 near Ashland.



Old Wash House

Located south of Centralia on route 61 (No longer there)



Blaschak Mining

West of Centralia PA on route 61.



Susquehanna - Mount Carmel

Located in Marion Heights PA, it burns silt for fly ash to reclaim a very deep pit.


If you know where these locations are or think you can find them remember this warning:



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