Other Toxic Crap


McAdoo Associates

Thousands of Barrels of Toxic Material  During Clean Up in 1982 


McAdoo Associates (Blaine St.) 


Underground Toxic tanks removed in 1980's  Well monitoring 2008 


Press Conference

A group of concerned citizens, media, and members of various environmental agencies met today, Tues 18th, at a cemetery overlooking the Schuykill energy power plant and the toxic Ellengowan mining site to release reports concerning the contamination of groundwater by coal fly ash.  Speakers were Jeff Stant from Clean Air Task Force, Lisa Evans, an attorney from Earthjustice, Dante Picciano, an attorney, scientist, and founder of Army For A Clean Environment, Robert Gadiniski, Geologist, PADEP (retired), Robert Krick, Vice President Mahoney Creek Watershed, and Brian Whitman, Professor of Environmental Engineering, Wilkes University.

The group presented facts and photographs showing the effects of fly ash on the environment.  One of the points that was brought up is where there is fly ash, the temperature of the ground water in that vicinity has severely increased, indicating a chemical reaction with the water. It is hoped this press conference will push the EPA into stricter rules concerning the placement of fly ash.

Evans, Whitman, and Piccione Robert Gadinski Lisa Evans


Robert Krick Jeff Stant showing "Big Gorilla" Citizens and Media


The following pictures are demonstration projects using fly ash for fill.  Ellengowan Mining site utilizes the dry to dry placement of ash.  The Knickerbocker demonstration site utilizes wet to dry placement.

Ellengowan Mining Site Knickerbocker Demonstration Site

The BD Mining site utilized both dry to wet and dry to dry placement.  The Big Gorilla utilized dry to wet placement.

BD Mining Big Gorilla


Some more toxic sites.


Site of the former Beryllium plant - most toxic site in the area. Valmot TCE - former Chromatex plant.


Site of former C & D Recycling American Cable Recyclers (formerly Agmet)

We are surrounded by some of the greatest environmental hazards known to man.




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