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Hi my name is Big C.

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Big C.

I've have been doing model R/R for many years now.
And I think that it's time that some tips are passed on
to a new generation of modelers. There are many beginners
out there that don't know were to go for good information.
So that's why I started this page, to try and help out the best
that I can. I've been there, I know what it's like, to start with
a good idea but can't get it going. It's hard to do sometimes
without a little
Help. I've added something new to my page.
Pictures of the railroads that pass through my town.
Hope you enjoy!  My page is updated as often as I can,
please check back often for more tips




History Of Model Railroading

The early model railroaders had no text or articles available to them except publications on real trains.
Most of the clever adaptations of real railroading to the miniature railroads were used and perfected
in the 1930's. A few clever model railroaders of those days devised most of the methods we use
today. The concept of using insulating gaps to allow two-rail track like the real ones instead of the
toy trains three rails, was also developed then, as well as switching operations and timetables. They
used museum models to create scale. As the museums were the first to match everything to proportion.
Many model railroaders didn't have the time or the inspiration to build "to scale". There were a small
number of model railroaders however, who ran sets almost to true scale. It was the late Frank Ellison
who combined the "art" of running a model railroad and the "art" of true scale miniatures into one system.
A real breakthrough came with the advent of the plastic car in the 1950's. Detail was better and the
prices were lower. The lower selling price resulted in more sales. Space then became a factor for
every model railroader. Fortunately, the smaller scale HO-scale solved the problem. The shelf design
could be disassembled for moving and a true empire could be ran in a area as small as 4 X 8 feet.
Making model railroading a hobby accessible to everyone.


Norfolk & Southern Traveling Near My Home.


Help Pages









Old Lehigh Valley


I have been pretty busy with my work and haven't had the chance
to load any more hints or tips. So I thought I would give you fellow
railroaders a chance to share your thoughts with others. Please submit
your hints and tips for other railroaders to see and I will post them on
the appropriate pages.

Thank You.


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Tips For Model Railroaders

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Trains make everyone feel like a kid again. It's the magic of the train.


"Here are Some Shots Of My Layout"

Old Lehigh Valley Passenger Car


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